India soon to be the biggest source of PHP developers?

From Manuel Lemos of PHPClasses:

The number of Indian PHP developers has been growing at a large pace in the last few years, when compared to other countries. A few years ago, India was just one of the top ten countries with more PHP developers. Now India is number 2 and is almost surpassing United States, which is still number 1.

While it is difficult to take such broad conclusions seriously based on member statistics of a single community, PHPClasses does have a large user base and can arguably be considered representative. Any article tagged India and software these days attract the usual crap about how Indian developers are the worst and how everybody who outsources to India never does it again. So I was surprised when some of the usually ‘silent’ majority of the client base who continue outsourcing development to India came out to defend their decision.

I did come away with a very interesting statistic; Indian developers have won most awards this year for their contribution against sizable competition. Most Indian developers I meet have difficulty understanding the concept of giving back to the community, so it’s always refreshing to see a number of people doing exactly that.

One thought on “India soon to be the biggest source of PHP developers?

  1. Interesting comment, but I find it is hard to get good PHP skills that actually come froma programming background or with a computer science degree from a good university. Most development seems to be on platforms like Drupal with little knowledge of OOPs concepts or even strong framework skills. Even more important, once they know a platform, all solutions are fit into it, instead of providing management with a strong business case why one PHP platform should be used for different client situations.

    I’d like to see these awards that were given. Are they done on the technical merits of the solution?

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